*Special children's magic show*

At the kindergarten, at a children's party, after an excursion, as an attraction at the school fete - del Asco's children's magic show is always just right for the young ones. At the tender age of five del Asco had his own contact with a magician for the first time at his kindergarten. Today he does magic tricks for children, and from his childhood experience he knows only too well how fascinating magic can be for children.
Of course there is lots of fooling around and laughter in his program, but educational topics are important to him, this for example; the colors are explained in a playful manner - especially the traffic light colors, social aspects are explained and brushing ones teeth is demonstrated. The children are rewarded with a small present after helping on the stage.

This performances can take place in a private living room or children's room as well as school halls or gymnasiums or large halls with a stage. The program is suitable for children from the age of four to ten. Length of performance 30-35 minutes. Preparation approx. two and a half hours.