*Lots of fun with the chatty magician*

See del Asco's magicial-talking performance from a tried and tested stage-experience of 19 years. The finest in humorousentertainment every gag and punch-line hits home. The audience will double with laughter when del Asco shines with his subtle puns. del Asco entertains agreeably with his stories and tales full of cheerful wit. In this way he pulls the wool over the audience's eyes again and again, lets them believe they know everything until the end - yet the end is very different from what they thought. In his very special ironic manner, del Asco shows his "magic way of life"! Del Asco also conjures with people from the audience. In this way, it is always lots of fun when the birthday-child, person celebrating an anniversary, the bridal couple or someone else who can (or must!) participate.
This magic performance can be shown in the smallest private circles (e.g. living room) or on the biggest stage. With his large repertoire del Asco can compile his program flexibly and for every occasion. Length of performance approx. 30-45 minutes. Preparation time approx. two and a half hours.
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