Press Reviews

Magician made hi-fi disappear...
. . . Smoke and fire, then at the start of the part two, the magician del Asco appeared. His hands were burning, but he survived this unharmed. Doves and a rabbit appeared out of handkerchiefs and disappeared again. At the end the whole hi-fi disappeared in a cloud of smoke.
( Pforzheimer Zeitung, September 1989 )

del Asco performance had considerable material expenditure. Burning gloves as the surprising entrance effekt, quick as lightning appearing umbrellas and bunches of flowers lead to a seemingly never ending confetti shower.
( Mühlacker Tagblatt, November 1989 )

. . . del Asco lead the way with great know how, his various transformations matching his magicial announcements were a feast for the eyes in themselves.
( Der KURIER; Bretten Februar 1994 )

Del Asco, who hosted the evening played with fire and did not even burn his fingers in the process. Colorful bunches of flowers were conjured out of thin air. But his preferred props were colorful umbrellas in various sizes which he brought forth from silk scarves and ribbons. He spread a "Trace of Asia" across the stage. Old and young assistants were eagerly at hand to help him with his magic tricks.
(Badische Neuste Nachrichten, Karlsruhe Juni 1994 )

Especially the conjuring Master of Ceremony, del Asco succeeded in making a connection between the dark theatre and bright stage lights within minutes. Talented with a speaking speed of a professional town-crier he showed humorous interplays from a Thai dwarf-elefant to the healed rope which had been cut, a potpourri of smal and cheeky tricks.
( Rieser Nachrichten, Nördlingen März 1995 )

Those who did not come, should regret it as one seldoms sees such a top-notch performance . . ., yet those who came did not have to regret their coming. The conjuring Master of Ceremony, del Asco, alone was already worth the entrance fee. He surprised the attentive audience with seemingly simple tricks during the set changes and he made a connection between the audience and the stars on the stage.
( Rieser Anzeiger, Augsburg März 1995 )

Since Friday we know! The high school of magic, all a bogus - or not? A small amount of uncertainty remained, because that which del Asco showed us, threw un into a confused state between aha-effects and distrust. The Master of Ceremony of the ensemble "Magic Art Performance" at the reception "Magic and Comedy", allowed the guests a quick look into his box of tricks, he lead along the narrow path between disgrace and applause, a finger technique which allows objects to be hidden in the hand. He played with new tricks and gave just given explanations again and again and made us ask with a shake of the head: was the egg really always in the magicians hand - or did it float invisibly somewhere in the room before the Master ordered it to its place? The speaker accompanied the 240 spectators in the sold out hall with changing costumes and lots of puns through the program. He had the laughers on his side, regardless whether he made Thai flat elefants fly through the air using a cucumber magic wand or seemingly burning a ten deutschmark bill.
( Badische Neuste Nachrichten, Bruchsal Juni 1995 )

. . . the fresh presentation and performance of the young artists surprised again and again. This already began with del Asco whose magical Master of Ceremony filled in the gaps while the stage was being reset, he always included the audience ... . The playful ease of del Ascos Japanese scarf act was also a success.
( Badische Neuste Nachrichten, Ettlingen November 1996 )